Are you one of those people who normally take a bag shopping with you?

Then forget it?

I am one of those people.

With a basket or trolley of loose veggies and some essentials, it’s not unusual to see me scrambling before the checkout looking for a suitable vessel to put my carefully selected  purchases.

I find it no worries – It’s Just at the beginning of most aisles or just down one a bit. They are in the SPECIALS section usually. An empty, or near empty box of something (usually sugary and over packaged – but that’s beside the point), ready to be found by the night-stacker and thrown away with the rest of the waste that evening.

I simply rearrange any products still left over, grab the empty product display box then shimmy on through the checkout proud as punch with no need for a plastic bag and a box full of goodness.

I think it’s small acts like these that make us aware of our dependence on convenience. Most of the time it only takes a little thinking outside the box (or should I say inside the box) and some creativity.