I think I have made up a new word.
Like a vegan is animal free, I am plastic free.

“No straw thanks… I am a plegan”

“Sorry, I don’t do plastic – I am a plegan”

“Is that Plegan”?

I once wrote a business plan for a plastic free cafe.  I had home made pies, locally roasted coffee beans, home made wraps and local ingredients. For the meat eaters I had a local butcher ready to sell me everything in my own containers.

The best bit was the coffee cup wall. No plastic takeaway cups – just ones off the wall donated or bought from vinnies. It didn’t matter if you never bought it back, or if you did… great!


For a few reasons, it didn’t happen. But from that exercise I am now so aware off all the delicious things we eat out and how much we rely on single use plastic when having fun and socialising.

We can have our own Plegan Cafe experience every time we go out if we want to.

Next time try:

  • Asking for no straw  or bring your own.
  • Refusing the sippy lid for your takeout coffee, better still…
  • Take your own keep cup.
  • Sit in – relax!
  • Hold the sauce if it comes in a disposable mini container.
  • Ask for a real plate and real cutlery – the sophisticated kind.
  • Bring your own eating utensils (Check out the Rouge Ginger’s page for great BYO Plegan utensils).
  • Choose the chef-made food – not the pre-made cold and lifeless stuff in the fridge.

Plegan – do you think we can make it a thing?