In my quest to be plastic free, I often found my self roaming up and down the isles looking for the dunny rolls in the environmentally friendly-looking brown paper packaging.

I would eventually find it, tuck it clumsily under my arm and waddle out of the shop with a disproportionate sized shopping bundle than usual.

I was cool with that. At least, as a practicing plegan, I had an option in the bog-roll department.

Then just recently, my partner and I returned for more bog roll to find the brown paper bag of 6 was no longer on the shelves. There was plenty of other options – 12 pack, 24 pack even a 40 pack!

How on earth is one able to carry that out of the shop without a pack mule?


After a few minutes searching (and me almost compromising on the 12 pack that had plastic ‘bio-degradable’ packaging), we found single rolls individually wrapped just in paper for $2 each – you know… the kind that are in seedy toilet blocks high out of reach when you need them the most, the thin flimsy ones that break every sheet and you need double for any traction?  We bought 3 for safe measure.

I thought ‘how ridiculous’ that all this packing is plastic. We know what toilet paper looks like, and even so, who should care? We are wiping our bums on it and chucking it away – dirty! Why do we need see-through packaging?

We don’t.

It was then that I remembered my friend tell me about Who gives a crap toilet paper. I went straight online, ordered too many in a frenzy (plus some extra paper towels) and the next day  I received about 6 months worth of bog roll and complimentary wrapping paper to boot!

My ‘endless’ supply of dunny rolls turned out the be about $1.50 each but they are soft, strong and thick – Everything you want in a poo ticket and more! And like I mentioned before, each one comes with pretty wrapping paper that they have designed and encourage you to recycle when gifting your friends.

(Not to be mistaken with gifting a poo in dunny roll – this is NOT what I am suggesting -remember to source your gifts outside of the toilet area).

Who Gives a Crap  also donates their profits to help build toilets in needed countries for improved sanitation.

Get on board and order your bog roll now.