This July why not invite some friends over for a plastic free dinner party?

It’s a little different and a great challenge for everyone.

Back in 2014 I invited 6 close mates to my little unit one night for dinner. The theme was plastic free pot luck where everyone had to bring a plate or bowl of food to share around where all the ingredients or meals were to be sourced with as little plastic packaging as possible.

I made sausage rolls. I sourced the mince from the butcher and asked them to put it straight into my piece of al-foil. I learnt how to make the pasty from scratch with butter and flour (which actually turned out pretty good for my 1st attempt) and I bought my veggies from the local fruit and veg shop with my own bags.

My pregnant friend did not feel like cooking so she chose to buy a tub of delicious chocolate Ice cream in a cardboard bucket with just a slither of plastic seal around the top.

My partner bought the beer (of course) in a glass bottles – a small piece of plastic was found in each bottle cap though.

Andi made a wonderful salad from ingredients found in her dad’s awesome garden accompanied by some organic veggies from the local food market and the Couple had made some great dips from roast veggies and flat breads.

It was a great dinner party and good example of how easy it is to avoid the single use plastic if you plan ahead and use a little creativity.

There are plenty of ingredients that are plastic free, even in the large super markets, it just takes a little time to find them sometimes.

I would love to hear from you if you have any PF recipes or how your Plastic free pot luck dinner party goes.