I lied in my bio.

A few months back when I decided to create this blog/website for my plastic campaigning I wrote…

“join me on a quest to lead a normal life in a normal house with normal hair and normal clothes but with as little impact as possible on our fragile little planet”

Well, it turns out that I don’t actually lead a ‘normal’ life, and in a few months’ time I certainly won’t be living in ‘normal’ house either.

A few years ago we met Tim. A 6ft plus professional bar tender living in a tiny apartment in Pyrmont and building an even tinier house on the South Coast of NSW.

Tim needed our carpentry skills and, as we had decided to live a year on the road in 2015, we were looking along the coast to swap accommodation with our trades.


Long story short (and hopefully another blog), we spent 6 wonderful weeks building Tall Tim’s Tiny house out of recycled everything – we were hooked!

The Tiny House movement was everything we believed in… living with less, thinking outside the box, wasting little and enjoying the freedom of less bills, less clutter and having a bigger life as a result.

Living in such a small space off grid, away from a big town and on a river with only kangaroos and the odd goanna for company, we had no choice but to buy less and in turn, throw away less.

After our enlightening bush stint, we settled into a years rent in the city, worked hard to save for a block of land and spent many a night fantasising about a Tiny House of our own.

Utilising a lot of the lessons we learned from living in the bush with limited supplies we have managed to live quite waste free in the city too. I think sometimes that us modern day humans need to experience something first hand before we believe it is possible.

Fast forward to last month… Out of the blue, I was sleeping off a red-eye flight from Mauritius when my partner texted, then rang me from the East with a picture of a boat – a big boat.

“Honey… I have found our new home!”

Now, I have to admit, when we first met he said that one day we will live on a yacht and travel around the world together.

Argggghh NO WAY! How utterly stupidly romantic – and spewy and hard work… I shut that down very quickly!

(But in hindsight, I have realised that the more adamant I am about not doing something I always end up doing it. Just like the time I was asked to kite surf across the Torres Straight– I will never say never again).

The poor guy was gutted as a long silence snuck through the phone as my jet lag took hold and I fell back asleep without a word.

Deflated I hear him say “Its OK babe, we don’t have to”

But I didn’t say no.

Two months on and we are now the proud owners of our first (floating) tiny home.

A Fred Fleming 41ft motor cruiser with 2 rooms, a bathroom a huge lounge and a few poop decks for good measure. A little love and care will see our floating Tiny home restored to it’s original glory and very comfortable indeed.


So here we have it. Not a normal life for us at all.

But what is normal?

A big house with lots of stuff in it?

Credit coming out of your ear-balls?

Working so hard to pay for said house & credit?

The TV up so loud that all you can hear is the bombardment of the next best thing?

That’s not normal.

Normal should be: happy, healthy and content. 

(Oh, and my hair… that’s normal).

Our new home on the seas is an exciting new journey I am about to start.

So please, if you are interested in boats, life on a boat, lessons from a novice boat owner or tiny space living and restoring then keep an eye my blog for our trials and tribulations, wins and I am sure there will be some epic fails.

I have no idea how I’ll go with a tendency towards sea sickness but I will definitely give it a crack and looking forward to the adventure.

I am sure it will be a fun one!