I am Jen and I am a plegan.

Just like a vegan avoids animal products, I  avoid plastic products and things that come in plastic.

Sure, I have my weaknesses, and some things are unavoidable (like this computer I am typing on now), but I am totally aware of the impact plastic has on our health and the health of our planet.

Don’t get me wrong…. I’m no expert, I’ve no feathers for my cap and I have no idea how to be politically correct (or what they even do).

All I know is that our world is getting trashed and all because of US.

Follow me on my adventures through oceans of plastic, wind and waves and join me on a quest to lead a normal life in a normal house with normal hair and normal clothes but with as little impact as possible on our fragile little planet.

Going 100% plastic-free is near on impossible – I know because I tried it and almost starved to death – but it’s not so hard to try.

Plastic is actually a truly an amazing product, but it’s our oblivious dependence on it for convenience that is a huge problem.

It is the single-use plastic that we use for less than a few seconds that we just throw away that never goes away EVER that is the problem.

Take the stocked standard fridge for example.. does this look like yours?


Mine used to. But now it looks like this – all bought from the same shop, just chosen with a little effort to avoid the unnecessary bagging.


A few years back I started my plastic free journey and here I’ll share with you my successes and failures and show you some alternative products that work, and some that don’t.

Maybe you can share some with me too – I don’t know everything you know!

I  also love to write about my travel and adventures of which I will share here too. So it’s not all doom and gloom.

As as surfer and kite surfing tour operator 026-DSC_0271 (2)I have traveled to so many parts of the world and seen so many amazing places. Sadly though, as time goes on, beaches and oceans have been changing quite dramatically before my eyes. Sand is replaced by fast food containers, water bottles and everyday household waste.

Please enjoy my stories, rants, musings, experiments, promos, campaigns, tips and challenges.

I hope you enjoy the change as much as I do and commit to leading a lifestyle less plastic with me.

Thanks for caring,


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