Simple, easy & practical

ways to help you reduce what’s actually sent to the TIP.

(This page is still developing so please drop back for more. Or why not send me some of your tips?  Sharing is caring).

IMG_0200Forgot your re-usable bag when shopping?

Grab a box off the shelves.

Check out how here. 







At a cafe…

A few things to try next time you are out at the cafe…

  • Asking for no straw  or bring your own.
  • Refusing the sippy lid for your takeout coffee, better still…
  • Take your own keep cup.
  • Sit in – relax!
  • Hold the sauce if it comes in a disposable mini container.
  • Ask for a real plate and real cutlery – the sophisticated kind.
  • Bring your own eating utensils (Check out the Rouge Ginger’s page for great BYO Plegan utensils).
  • Choose the chef-made food – not the pre-made cold and lifeless stuff in the fridge.

Check out my Plegan Cafe concept for easy ways to go plastic-free when eating out.


 Forgot your Cutlery on the Job?

With a little intuition and a power tool, my Love made us spoons out of the Sparky’s unused light switch brackets from the job sight. Meant we didn’t need to accept the plastic ones offers at the take out shop.


(Of Course you could just be prepared and put a set in your car).